Saturday, 14 February 2015

SWA Photography contest 2015

we SWA ( Students welfare association) organized its very first official event named the SWA photography contest 2015 on 7th Feb at arts council Multan.


Our purpose was to raise donations for the needy students and other deserving ppl  aswell as to entertain everyone with lots of stuff.  

  We #TeamSWA provided a platform to the photographers all over pakistan to show their skills. 
Here is a pic with Abdul raphy ( a professional photographer who won first prize in a category and came from Rahim yar khan ) 

We had lots of performances on the event aswell. You can see some of these .

We had the passion band performing at the event . 

And we had following guests of honour on our event. 

1-Dr prof Zafar tanveer ( prof physio deptt Nishtar medical college) 
2-Dr prof Abeera nazir tiwana ( prof Pharma deptt nishtar medical colg) 
3-Dr Siddique Khan qadri ( associate prof community medicine dptt nmc ) 
4-Dr Tahira 
5-Dr samina 
6-Dr javed kamal 
7-Sh M Munir Akhtar ( XEN public health multan/ director PHA ) 
8-Nazir Chughtai ( director WASA multan) 
9- Majid Qaisrani (town officer) 
10-Malik Saleem ( director anticorruption)
11-Jawad Khawaja ( sponsor of the event / owner of subway Multan) 
12- Syed Ali haider shah
13- Yousaf Gurchani
14-scahal yarr 

In the end there was award ceremony and speeches of our guests of honour. 

 Juniors played a very active role in organizing this event. 
-Nigah E Mustafa 
- Tayyaba Roshni
- Awais Danish 
- Aun shah
- Athar 

and so many more !! 

 We are thankful to all those ppl who supported us in this good cause , IA we will do our job very well , just keep supporting us :')   

                                     Thank You!