Tuesday, 25 November 2014

A few hours without Wifi - Life less


We usually dont face this situation nowadays, but when we do , those moments become miserable! it feels as if you r alone on this planet and you dont even have a single friend. feels like you are cut off from the world outside. Feels like you will never see those people again. Feels like those precious moments on fb will never come back. Minutes seem like hours then. Then you just talk to yourself for sometime and lie on the bed, remember the old good memories. Its  literally hard to breathe under such circumstances ESPECIALLY when you are one loner like me! -__- 
But on the brighter side, you feel as if there is life outside that fb world. As if the real world and real life relations do exist. The time does not fly away and you get a chance to focus on yourself and think about who you are and what are your objectives of life and why the hell are you here in this world. You realize that your 'family' does exist and you have to give them time too.   
But inspite of these positive aspects, you just cant live without wifi no matter what !!! life is sure like HELL!!! 

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